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Last updated on 3rd May 2019

Our top 10 guides to having fun in London for free

We may be a consumer finance company, but our mission is much broader. We want to do everything we can to put Britons one step closer to financial stability. To that end, and given summer is right around the corner....
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We may be a consumer finance company, but our mission is much broader. We want to do everything we can to put Britons one step closer to financial stability. To that end, and given summer is right around the corner, we thought we’d put together a list of the most helpful blogs for enjoying London… for free! London can feel like most expensive city in the world, so anything to make it a little less painful seems worthwhile to us!

1: Londontopia

These guys have a fantastic list of 101 free things to do in the city. The blog calls itself “a place for people who love London to gather and discuss what they love about this great city.” And yes, we can already see a bunch of our northern friends rolling their eyes! @anglotopia

2: Secret London

Probably the most famous guide on our list, Secret London has a great reputation for being an inspiring, alternative guide to things to do in London. They have lots of fun ideas, like recording your future hit at the Nando’s recording studio or tackling ‘the mammoth London LOOP walk’. You will have no reason to be bored in London after reading this guide – no matter what your budget is. @Secret_LDN

3: The Resident

The Resident is the flagship title for a bunch of different luxury London lifestyle magazines. Given their focus on luxury we were surprised to see them have a guide for free stuff… but now that we think of it, who can disagree with luxury + free? This guide has a bunch of fun quirky tips like the best cemeteries to explore or free excercise classes. @theresidentmag

4: The Cavendish

The Cavendish is a fancy hotel in the heart of Mayfair and Piccadilly. Just like with the Resident, we were surprised to see them give a free guide, but maybe when you are spending so much on a room, you can’t afford anything else! Their guide is quite fun with unusual recommendations for classic hotspots, like seeing Pete Townsend’s smashed guitar at the V&A or going outdoor swimming in Hyde Park. @Cavendish_LDN

5: Curious London

Curious London calls itself ‘The no-bullshit guide to eating, drinking and doing in the Capital.’ We’re cheating a bit here as not everything in the guide is free, but we think its one of the most interesting. @CuriouslyEmily

6: Broke in London

Another one of the most popular blogs on our list, Broke in London has been inspiring Londoners with ways to have fun on the cheap for years. Their mission? To “help new, old and soon-to-be Londoners face the seemingly impossible challenge of surviving on the cheap in the capital”. This is a list of 20 free things to do in London, and has some cool stuff like free comedy nights or attending a lecture on your favourite subject. @BrokeinLondon1

7: Kid Rated

Given how expensive London is, it’s hard enough to survive, regardless. Throw kids into the mix and the challenge gets a whole lot harder. Kids are amazing. But kids are also expensive! Kid Rated provides an outstanding guide with 50 things to do in London with teens. A top recommendations is the Clink, but see how many you can cram into one day! We dare you. @kidratedlondon

8: Wimdu

This is another list with kids in mind. Thanks to Wimdu we have a guide of 43 things to do in London with Kids. This has some cool, out-of-the-box thinking, like going to art workshops and puppet shows. Like any guide worth its salt, it has a breakdown of the museums that you shouldn’t miss out on. @wimdu

9: Life At The Zoo

If you couldn’t guess by the name, ‘Life at the zoo’ is another blog focused on stuff to do with kids. To be honest, we think it should be more appropriately named ‘Life IN the zoo’, since everyday is a new one with kids in the capital. This is a list of tried and tested (and mostly free) stuff to do with kids in London, perfect for a day out or a weekend trip. They mention their favourite thing to do is the Natural History Museum, which we probably agree with, but also fun stuff like the Hyde Park Pirate Playground and Water Taxis… Facebook

10: Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura is known for its stellar content, but we were particularly pleased to see they put out a ‘Hidden London’ guide. Most of the material they publish is super interesting, and this one didn’t let us down. As the name suggests, they offer some very obscure things to do in London. 228 things, to be precise. Our favourites? Visiting The Hardy Tree, or finding The Mail Rail. @atlasobscura