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Last updated on 23rd August 2019

10 legitimate ways to make money

Emma Drew has won the UK’s best money making blog for the past 3 years, so she knows a thing or two about a side hustle. We asked Emma to share 10 legitimate ways to make money, over to Emma…

Emma Drew has won the UK’s best money making blog for the past 3 years, so she knows a thing or two about a side hustle. We asked Emma to share 10 legitimate ways to make money, over to Emma…

Everyone wants a boost to their bank account. Whether you are looking to start a new business or simply make some extra cash, here are 10 legitimate ways to make money.

Make money from your receipts

It isn’t often that you are able to make money from shopping, but by using the receipt scanning apps Receipt Hog and Shoppix you can get paid. Simply snap a photo of your receipt, upload it and earn. Your tokens or coins can then be used to withdraw cash via Paypal, Amazon gift cards as well as other gift cards.

Complete online surveys

You can make cash by completing online surveys from your computer or even from your phone. There are many different sites which allow you to partake in said surveys and many have cash rewards. Some can take five minute, some take longer. A great idea is to create a new email address to use for these surveys so you don’t get lots of unwanted messages arriving in your inbox.

Attend focus groups

Everyone has an opinion and focus groups are put together for that very reason. There are companies up and down the country that want to pay you for your feedback on their new product or service ideas. Not only will you get paid for your time, you’ll also have the knowledge that you have perhaps shaped the future of a product or brand. It’s also pretty fun!

Start an eBay reselling business

You could find a niche or sell anything and everything you can think of on eBay but you’ll have to pay fees when your items sell. This could be vintage clothing that you pick up at charity shops and sell for more online. Maybe you’ve seen video games or Lego for sale at a bargain price and simply buying it and putting it on the well known selling site at the RRP (or higher!) you can make easy money.

Mystery shopping

Getting paid to shop sounds like a dream but you can actually do it. There are many apps and sites where you can find mystery shopping assignments and you’ll usually get a flat rate for undertaking the task. You’ll have to go to a specific store, ask a range of particular questions, perhaps snap a couple of photos on your phone and often have to spend a certain amount which is usually refunded. You could always flog your purchase on your reselling shop! Don’t forget that your work isn’t over when you walk out of the shop, you have to fill in a report about what happened, giving your feedback on customer service and cleanliness.

Sell printables

If you’re creative, you could earn extra money doing something you love. If you create organisational tools to make life easier, chances are other people will like them too. There are many easy to use design websites available online for free. Printables could include meal planners, financial planners, workbooks, fitness planners and even wedding stationery. Once you’ve made it, you can sell it over and over so it becomes a passive income.

Dog walking

If you love a good walk then taking some four legged friends with you could be your new favourite side hustle. There are plenty of dog owners who don’t always have time to walk their pets and are willing to pay for people to do it for them. With almost 9 million dogs in the UK, you’re probably not going to be short on business.

Get cashback

If you shop online you can make money by clicking through a cashback site. You might only get 3% cashback, but if you’re buying an item anyway, you might as well get some money back. There are also cashback apps where you can get money back on groceries or sometimes even get the full price of an item returned to you as cashback. You can also earn cashback by switching utilities, swapping bank accounts and by using certain credit cards.

Virtual assistance

Many businesses or business people don’t have the funds to employ someone to do their admin or social media posts. This is where you come in. Taking on this type of work as a virtual assistant can pay well and can often be ongoing work, meaning you can build up a pot of extra cash quickly.


If you love to write, why not get paid for it? There are many websites which will pay you to provide them with articles. You can work with clients who need posts about things that interest you and when you start getting more work, you can set your own price and pick your own hours. Which one of these 10 ways will you choose to start earning some extra money?

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