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Boost employee financial wellbeing and your bottom line

Poor employee financial wellbeing presents businesses with some major challenges; reduced productivity, loss of talent, reduced employee engagement, higher absences and demands for wage rises, all of which can negatively impact business performance.

CIPD research findings revealed that 25% of employees (33% for London), confirm that money worries have impacted them at work, declaring that the worry and stress caused difficulties with concentration, decision making and sleeping, all of which impact performance at work.

How can Creditspring help your employees?

A Creditspring membership can help employees gain and maintain control of their finances. It acts like a financial back up plan, allowing them to stretch their budget with two pre-approved short-term loans every year, to use whenever they need them. We don't charge interest, just a fixed monthly membership fee. No hidden or late payment charges.

Your employees will also have access to a personalised Financial Stability Score with personalised hints and tips to improve their financial wellbeing, both updated monthly.

How can Creditspring help you?

By improving your employees' financial wellbeing we help improve employee engagement and performance.

By reducing employees' financial stress we help improve their concentration and decision making.

By providing you with a talent retention tool that can alleviate pressure on your salary budget.

How much will it cost?

The cost to your company depends on how you would like the programme to work. We can tailor packages to suit all employee benefit budgets, even if you don't have one. The cost to your employees is also dependent on how you want the programme to work.

Get in touch with us!

To find out more about how Creditspring can help you help your employees email us at hq@creditspring.co.uk