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Why is my account under review?

Sorry for the inconvenience. There are different reasons why your account might be under review.

Your account may be put under review if you cancel your direct debit or fail to pay the membership fees. This will prevent you from making use of your advance(s).

Any overdue fees can be paid via debit card under the account section here.

Confirmation of payment can take up to 24 hours and soon after you will regain access to your advance.

To reinstate your direct debit, please submit your updated bank details within the Profile section of your account. Once we receive confirmation from your bank (this usually takes 3-4 business days), your access will be restored.

Why is my account frozen?

If you have been impacted by the pandemic your account might be reviewed based on the changing situation. This could result in your account being temporarily frozen for 3 months to allow you to regain financial stability.

If within those 3 months your financial situation changes, please inform us so that we can discuss the situation and potentially unfreeze your account to allow you to access the remaining advance(s) you may have.

My account has been under review for over three working days

If your account has been under review for over three working days and you haven't had a discussion with anyone on the team then please get in touch with us here