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How to Relieve Financial Stress While Working From Home

Working from home or staying inside can be both a blessing and a curse to many.
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Working from home or staying inside can be both a blessing and a curse to many. On one hand, you have the luxury of working in whatever attire you feel, but on the other, deadlines become tighter and your stress level can increase drastically. Now that speaking to a company representative in person isn’t possible, this can increase your experience with financial stress as wait times for call centres grow.

In order to relieve your stress and in turn have a more productive work from home day, we thought we’d create a list of things you can do to better help with this. 

#1- Building a Routine 

It has been proven that routine can help increase your productivity, but also bring more happiness and peace into your life. A great article to read by Headspace shares some tips and benefits to having a routine. In this article the author touches on an interesting way to alleviate stress and anxiety by scheduling ‘thinking time’. Instead of allowing your stress and worry to build up it’s important to talk it through with yourself. Don’t look at a routine as a redundant task, but as something that serves a bigger purpose to you. As Michelle Happe, MA, certified health coach says “Routine does not bring boredom or monotony. It brings pleasure and a sense of safety.”  We highly recommend you get yourself into a routine that fits your new schedule, so you are less stress and ready to tackle each day! 

#2- Analyse and reorganise  

In order to get yourself into a routine you may have to start with assessing your current situation and restructure. This means that you will need to analyse your current budget and spend, then tighten or loosen where you think is necessary. A good way to see where you currently stand financially and if you can weather a financial storm, you should take the Financial Stability Score survey. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your survey, we suggest you retake it to reflect your current financial situation. This is the time to be as brutally honest with yourself as you can so you can properly plan for your future. Once you complete this survey, you’ll receive a score that will range from very weak to awesome. Then you can utilise some simple tips that will serve as a great way to relieve your financial stress and get you back on track! 

#3- Time to rest, centre thoughts and regroup

Financial stress can bring a lot of anxiety and worry into your life, so it is important to clear your thoughts and regroup. Yes, this means to log out of social media and take some time for yourself. Clear all your negative thoughts by doing some yoga, getting lost in a fictional book or a quick exercise to pump up your heart. In order to minimise stress it has been suggested to limit your caffeine intake, but also get on a proper sleeping schedule. As much as you want to take this opportunity to be on the go and constantly be moving, it is just as important in order to relieve your stress.  If you are struggling with your mental health during this time, we suggest you check out Mental Health UK, where they provide ways you can not only help yourself, but those around you. 

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