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customer story alisha
customer story alisha

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Alisha’s Creditspring Story- Financial mistakes not dictating your entire future

Wanting to rebuild her financial stability and get back in a comfortable position, Highschool Administrator Alisha was on the hunt for a product to assist her with repairing her financial health while instilling healthy habits she could continue using...
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Wanting to rebuild her financial stability and get back in a comfortable position, Highschool Administrator Alisha was on the hunt for a product to assist her with repairing her financial health while instilling healthy habits she could continue using throughout that process.   

While browsing on social media Alisha would come across reviews from Creditspring customers that spoke about how the service has helped with their financial stability. Though in the past she has used both Buy Now Pay Later and payday loans. Unfortunately, neither of these helped with her financial stability goal as she found that the process took a lot longer and the form is more complicated. Finding herself a lot of times going back and forth to complete these applications in the past. 

This piqued her interest so she decided to check her eligibility and learn more about how Creditspring could help her. The application process was self-explanatory, there was nothing that she found difficult about the process and was able to complete it in no time! 

Navigating the website has been easy, as well as receiving email and text updates in relation to her account has helped keep her on track and feel more confident. Prior to Creditspring Alisha was not well versed in different interest rates, APR’s and how to compare them. Because Creditspring has easily explained this and how to compare amongst other lenders, she is now confident in her ability to manage her finances and also in understanding interest rates and what to look for when searching for a loan.  

After completing her home renovations, her biggest financial goal is to save as much as possible. Admittedly, when she was younger in her early 20’s she was reckless with her finances- making bad money management decisions that would make it difficult to access credit in the future. This is something she has worked to rectify and to continue healthy financial habits that will contribute to her current and future financial goals. In the past what stopped her from reaching these financial goals was not getting proper advice that would actually have an impact in the future.  

‘When you’re younger you don’t understand just how important credit is, so I didn’t really care about it before’ 

Now with Creditspring Alisha is constantly using the advice and tips in the Stability Hub. The Stability Score has been helpful in breaking down where she needs improvements and where she is excelling in her stability building journey. Alisha enjoys staying up to date with her Stability Score every month- mindful of where she can adjust in her daily life to see improvements.  

Being a visual person Alisha appreciates seeing how much she owes, is paying each month etc. directly in her account rather than feeling blindsided like she has in the past. Making healthier financial decisions and adjusting where she needs to each month, Alisha is excited to continue her Creditspring journey, reach and make new goals for her future.  

Best of luck Alisha! 

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