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average member

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Anatomy of a Creditspring Member

We love statistics. Every day, we make improvements based on the statistics we have and the feedback you give us. We also love our members. So… here are some of our favourite statistics, which are all about our members. How do you compare?
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Meet Chris.

Chris is 40 years old. With a credit score of 286, Chris has a Creditspring Core membership. Having never used a payday loan, Chris is using his two £250 loans to help achieve his main financial goal of paying off his debt, hoping that his credit score will improve at the same time. Chris isn’t married but lives in a rental property with his kids. At £342, rent is his largest monthly expense, while Chris’ debt repayments, food and utilities are next in line, at £167, £146 and £132 per month respectively. When dealing with lenders, the one thing that Chris wants most is more transparency - and a little flexibility wouldn’t hurt either.

Does Chris sounds familiar? Okay, you got us. Chris isn’t real. But Chris is made up from real data. He’s an average of all our members and the best representation we can give.

If you’re interested in the details, here’s more of a breakdown:

  • Average age: 40

  • Average income: £28,500

  • 35% of members are married

  • 64% of members have children

  • Average credit score of 286

  • Average credit limit of £4580

  • 90% of members are renters

  • More than 95% of members have no payday loans

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