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customer story ayesha
customer story ayesha

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Ayesha’s Creditspring Story: Saving Towards a Brighter Future

For Core member Ayesha, being able to go on her annual family holiday whilst contributing to her savings has been a bit of a challenge...
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For Core member Ayesha, being able to go on her annual family holiday whilst contributing to her savings has been a bit of a challenge. As it became increasingly tempting to withdraw from her savings and use unhealthy financial habits, this became a driving factor in looking for how to improve her financial stability.  


Not having many credit options available to her but wanting backup cash for emergencies, Ayesha didn’t know where to turn. In the past, she and her partner always used credit cards to hold them over when needed, but has found that they would utilise the credit limit and not have anything left for emergencies. Having used different pay day lenders in the past, these proved not to be helpful as it was easy to spiral with all the additional fees and large sum of money due at once. Getting stuck in this cycle ultimately left her with a poor credit rating. 

“You can clearly see what you owe, when you owe it and can plan ahead.”

Going on what seemed to be an endless Google search of payday loans and personal loans, Creditspring had caught her eye. What intrigued Ayesha was that at Creditspring members have access to 2 advances. This was not only manageable, but the credit available was an amount that she could handle. Finding the right credit was important to Ayesha and seeing that there were fixed fees, and the payments were clearly communicated from the beginning at Creditspring made her feel comfortable in applying for a loan. Taking only 10 minutes to complete the application and find out that she was eligible for a Core membership, Ayesha began her financial stability journey. 


The first tool she decided to use as a Creditspring member was the Stability Score. There she understood where she stood financially and what areas needed improvement. She checks her Stability Score monthly to see if the actions she has taken has helped her improve this score, and it serves as a way to hold her accountable. 


Having financial goals can keep you focused on whipping your financial health in shape, and that’s what Ayesha set out to do this year while utilising tools like Creditspring. Her 2021 financial goals include - to successfully save money so she does not have to rely on credit. Previously, this goal was difficult to achieve because she had access to too much credit so it became hard to balance her debt as she could extend or top up her credit. Ayesha felt at times it was too easy to get in debt and hard to get out of it. When she realised that this was an issue, it felt like it was too late to fix. By becoming a Creditspring member she hopes that her credit rating improves overtime and that her debt becomes smaller as well by improving her financial habits. 


Since joining Creditspring Ayesha has enjoyed receiving reminders before payments are due as it keeps her on track. She also enjoys that there are 2 advances available that are not only manageable, but no more than what she needs.  

In the past Ayesha didn’t fully trust herself with credit. Now, with Creditspring, she feels more confident in accessing credit and paying it off successfully. Starting to save again and build up her score, Ayesha’s hope is that she can continue on her path towards healthy financial stability for a bright future. This includes more family holidays of course. 

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