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neringa rackauskaite
neringa rackauskaite

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Creditspring Members | Neringa's Story

Part-time nursery teacher and mother-of-one Neringa needed to find a way to boost her credit score without spiralling into debt. She began her search for affordable credit by viewing comparison sites, where she was first introduced to Creditspring.
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In the past, Neringa had a bad period where it became difficult to manage her credit, which caused her to acquire some debt over time. Now, determined to improve her credit score and take control of her finances, Neringa read through the benefits of a Creditspring membership and decided to join to get back on track.

What enticed Neringa most about this membership is that she would have total control of her finances. She was able to see exactly what she needed to pay back right at the beginning. Using her first advance for a small family holiday, Neringa determined to repay on time to build her credit score back up and decided she would like to have more options available to her for rent or mortgage in the future.

With 2022 well underway, Neringa is looking forward to reaching her financial goals and enjoying the small joys of life when these goals are reached. The biggest goal for her is to save one or two thousand pounds, in order to have extra cash to enjoy life more. This is a goal she tried to achieve last year, but when it came to Christmas and other holidays, she was unable to save as she had to use some money for this.

The biggest blocker in reaching Neringa's financial goals has been keeping up with her peers. Feeling the constant pressure to keep up with others is what makes it difficult to control her spending.

This is a blocker Neringa is aware of and is hoping to make more effort to change this year. Though in the past she tried to use a budgeting sheet to save, she has felt most confident opening an ISA account and direct debit to hold herself accountable with her saving.

In the past, with other loans, Neringa found the process and payments incredibly difficult to understand. She wouldn’t expect the final payment amount because she didn’t understand the added fees. This should be made more clear so that people don’t overpay when they don’t need to. She would prefer everything to be as clear and concise for everyone looking for credit.

When speaking to Neringa, she had a strong sense of optimism and determination. Wanting to improve her circumstances each year, and so far being successful in doing so, is something she took immense pride in. Though there are day-to-day obstacles that could prevent her goals from being achieved she is hopeful that she will be able to achieve them with help from Creditspring.

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