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Creditspring Team | Amir

If you're a member, you might already know Amir. He's one of our Customer Operations Executives, looking after our members and answering any queries they have. Get acquainted...
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Hi Amir, what do you do at Creditspring?

I'm a Customer Operations Executive. Working in Operations it’s quite rare to have a quiet day. My days involve a multitude of things from dealing with customers who have any queries relating to their membership agreement, changing repayment dates, restructuring loans, helping with solutions if encountering financial difficulties, and much more!

What did you do before joining Creditspring?

I studied Business Management with Finance and graduated in 2018. Before joining Creditspring I worked as a Client Relationship Associate for a small catering company, dealing with all the existing and new clients the business had. I learnt a lot from my time there, with the most important lesson being that when working with food, you're bound to go up a waist size!

What's changed since you started working at Creditspring?

The business has grown at a rate that I have never experienced before. Since joining Creditspring the customer base has grown 5x. Joining Creditspring at the time I did has taught me that you always need to be prepared because things move at rocket speed.

What excites you about Creditspring?

Everything - the fact that we are utilising an opportunity in the market and offering a product that no other company is offering. Also, meeting incredible people and being part of an amazing team that works endlessly to get Creditspring to the place we deserve to be.

Favourite book:

Crossing Continents by Duncan Campbell-Smith and The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters

Favourite podcast:

Joe Rogan, Impaulsive & 2bears1cave

Favourite app:


Favourite piece of advice:

When the comfort starts, the growth stops. Keep challenging yourself.

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