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susan nair
susan nair

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Creditspring Team | Susan

Based at our India office in Bengaluru, Susan is our Customer Operations Team Lead. Susan has been with us since October, and here reveals what she’s learnt so far.
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Hi Susan, what do you do at Creditspring?

I’m the Customer Operations Team Lead. My day-to-day responsibilities include monitoring different queues of member enquiries and helping my team with difficult queries. Our team, Agency Liaison, works with Debt Agencies to ensure that Creditspring is listed as a creditor for the members in different Debt Plans so that we receive our payments towards the outstanding balances. My favourite part of my job is seeing that we are receiving regular payments from different agencies and members clearing their loans after being in financial difficulty.

What did you do before joining Creditspring?

I did an MBA in Finance & Marketing. Previously, I was working as a supervisor for ExxonMobil, one of the largest oil companies in the world. As well as experience in the oil & gas sector, I have worked for French customers at Genpact and also in the financial services industry at Thomson Reuters.

What's changed since you started working at Creditspring?

On a personal level, it would be my values. Working with the values that Creditspring abides by has made me a better contributor and also a better individual. The rate at which I have learnt new things has been so fast. We learn something new everyday and there is no limit to learning here. It’s very different from my earlier organisations where tasks were always delegated. New people have joined my team since I started - I feel very proud when I explain how we work and the values that we have.

What excites you about Creditspring?

That would be the values, and also the fact that we are helping people. Also, our team is amazing and so collaborative.

What's your favourite book?

The Infinite Game - Simon Sinek

What's your favourite podcast?

On Purpose - Jay Shetty

What's your favourite app?


What's your best piece of advice?

Look ahead always and be proud of whatever you do, even if it’s a failure.

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