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customer story liam
customer story liam

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Liam’s Creditspring Story: Building Towards Something Special

There are many reasons why someone may want to improve their credit score. It could be for a mortgage, larger credit limit etc.
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There are many reasons why someone may want to improve their credit score. It could be for a mortgage, larger credit limit etc. For Core member Liam his goal was to get a brand-new car. Keeping up with his credit score through a third party on a monthly basis, Liam had decided that while continuing to make regular payments to his credit card, he could do with a boost to his finances as well. 


Liam has never had trouble accessing credit, but after neglecting the importance of nurturing his financial health, he did see a decline in his credit score. To improve this he was on the hunt for a small credit building loan. After doing a loan search through a loan comparison site, he was happy to see that the loan he was approved for was split into 2 advances. He felt this allowed him to stay in control of his finances and have funds when needed. He also liked that both advances are not available at once, this would keep you disciplined and not spiral into financial debt.  

Setting up his membership in just under 5 minutes, Liam began his financial stability journey with Creditspring. On his financial stability building journey his goal was to save money and build his credit score. Liam believes that his goals can be achieved because Creditspring offers fixed costs, no-interest advances and transparency throughout, which will help keep him on track to achieve it. Using his first advance on home maintenance, Liam was very pleased when he requested his first advance and it was in his account within seconds. 

“I was surprised how quick the money takes to go in the bank. It was basically instant!”

Before joining Creditspring Liam didn't have a clear plan in place to reach his goal of improving his credit score as it wasn’t really a priority at the time. As his current automobile is nearly paid off, he’s hoping that with improved credit he can get a brand-new car. Excited to continue his stability building journey, Liam hopes to improve his financial health so he can inherit better financial habits in order to reach his goals quicker.

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