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Mark's Creditspring Story: Taking Small Steps to Attain Financial Stability

For Mark, building and maintaining a good score was a tough task. Taking small steps to attain financial stability became a necessary to achieve their financial goals.
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Taking the time to set small realistic financial goals is key in understanding how to attain financial stability. Setting these goals will allow you to make the necessary changes needed along the way to reach that larger goal, whatever that may be.

We wanted to know what stability meant to our members and how have they managed to build that. We're happy to see Creditspring members reaching their financial goals throughout their journey and setting new ones along the way. Check out Mark's Creditspring story-

I have struggled with poor credit ratings for much of my life following some bad debts as a student. I could never get an overdraft. I found Creditspring a good alternative for a fixed low monthly sum. It is good to know that there is always a £250 cushion should things get tight one month. Financial stability to me has changed over the years. When I was living alone and renting my flat, I needed to earn a higher income and had the stress connected to that. The last job I had was a 1.5-hour commute from home too which was very tiring. Now I live at home, my outings are less, and the stress levels are lowered but I still need my own money for the important things in life like charitable giving, holidays and social events. Creditspring has enabled me to always have a backup plan if I have an expensive month. It is also very useful if there is an unexpected outgoing like car repairs or a new dishwasher!

I think it is fair to say that Creditspring has improved my financial stability. The loans are moderate, so you are not left with large repayments. Even though I will be back in employment soon, I will maintain this service as we all need a security net from time to time. I have friends who would probably benefit from this service and the company rewards you if you bring any customers in. In an ideal world none of us would need credit, but we do not live in an ideal world and it is important to have affordable solutions. When I was younger I got sucked into using payday loans which were very expensive and did not operate with integrity. I have been with Creditspring for over two years and never had any problems. I would recommend them to a friend and I would say that if you have to borrow, do it in a controlled and respectable way. Money can cause stress and worry so in my opinion, any service that reduces this is a good thing and should be given good word of mouth.

In closing, I would go as far as to say that Creditspring has improved my financial life and stopped that feeling that you might not be able to eat until payday or you would have to miss out on a great experience or opportunity. We all need a helping hand now and then so it is good to have a facility that you can rely on and know that you cannot get into trouble with. I thank you for your help in recent years and look forward to a long relationship with the company!

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