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Colin's Creditspring Story: Perseverance Is Key

It’s hard to become motivated and find the strength to pick yourself up after a tough time in life. However, through determination, clear goals and will power it is possible.
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Current Membership- Core

Member since- April 2021

It’s hard to become motivated and find the strength to pick yourself up after a tough time in life. However, through determination, clear goals and will power it is possible. Take our Core Member, Colin for example, who was able to do just that.  

After going through a divorce, his finances took a massive hit. Not knowing where to start in repairing his finances, Colin decided to apply for credit to boost his finances and start rebuilding his credit score. This proved to be more difficult than he expected as his credit score was in the red and he could not find a lender who would allow him to borrow. After months of searching without any luck, Colin Googled for loans for individuals with bad credit and came across Creditspring. 

"Creditspring has been great for me. They've been reliable, friendly and very good with helping me get back on track with building my credit score"

Reading more about Creditspring, he liked that you could get a loan to pay for unexpected outgoings when needed, could pay his loan back in small chunks and build up his credit score. Being able to see the repayment balance, memberships fees and see that other product features were clearly stated helped Colin see how he could build his credit score and work towards improving his financial well-being.  After reading about Creditspring’s no-interest loans and credit builder products he decided to check if he was eligible and...he was approved! The application process was seamless taking just a minute to complete.  

His biggest financial goal since becoming a member is to improve his credit score. Creditspring has helped him start working towards that goal and he feels confident in saying that it’s getting better with every scheduled payment he continues to make. Overall he’s become more confident in his finances as he pays off what he owes on time and understands exactly what’s left to be paid off.  

Now with his newfound confidence, Colin feels comfortable to tackle his other financial goals and sees a brighter future in getting his finances in a healthier spot.  

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