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pros and cons of pay day loans and other short term credit options
pros and cons of pay day loans and other short term credit options

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The Pros and Cons of Payday Loans and Other Short-Term Credit Options

Deep dive into payday loans and other short-term credit options. Unpack the intricate world of short-term credit, weighing its advantages and drawbacks.
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Do you find yourself struggling to make ends meet before your next paycheck arrives? You're not alone. Many Brits face unexpected expenses or bills that require immediate payment, leaving them with limited options for short-term credit. 

One option available to consumers is payday loans. Although the payday loan market has halved since 2018, payday loans remain a popular option for cash-strapped Brits. But these loans come with their own set of pros and cons that can leave borrowers feeling unsure about whether they're the right choice for them. 

In this post, we'll take a closer look at instant payday loans and explore the benefits and drawbacks of this form of short-term credit, and ultimately explain why we believe Creditspring to be a better, safer and more transparent alternative to these types of loans. 

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a small, short-term loan that needs to be repaid on, or around, your next payday. They can come in handy if you have unexpected expenses or just need a boost to get you through to your next paycheck. 

Since fast payday loans are typically due on the borrower's next payday, they must be repaid in full, including any interest and fees, to avoid additional costs. 

How do payday loans work?

A borrower takes out a payday loan, which is paid directly into their bank account, usually the next day. The loan is then due on their next payday, to avoid further fees and costs. Borrowers can also write a cheque to the lender, which the lender will keep until the payment date. 

If the borrower doesn't have enough money in their account to cover the cheque on their next payday, they may be subject to overdraft fees from their bank, as well as additional fees from their payday lender.

Pros and cons of taking out a payday loan

If you're considering taking out bad credit payday loans, it's important to understand the pros and cons before you make a decision. Here are some things to keep in mind:


  • Quick Access to Funds: Many payday lenders can process applications and deliver funds within a matter of hours or the next business day.

  • Fewer Requirements: Payday loans typically have fewer application requirements compared to traditional loans. Often, factors like a good credit score might not be necessary.

  • Short-term Commitment: Since these are designed to be paid back by your next paycheck, you're not locked into a long-term debt repayment.

  • Unsecured Nature: Payday loans are unsecured, meaning you don't have to provide collateral, such as a car or a house, to get the loan.


  • High APRs: Payday loans can be expensive, with high fees and interest rates.

  • Debt spirals: They can trap borrowers in a cycle of debt if they're not used carefully.

  • Hidden fees: Payday lenders will often have additional fees for many eventualities such as missed payment.  These can be significant in relation to the size of the loan so borrowers should ensure they think about the potential total cost

Dependency: Borrowers may be tempted to use payday loans for non-emergency expenses, which can lead to financial problems down the road.

payday loans and other credit options

Alternatives to payday loans in the UK

There are several alternatives to no refusal payday loans by direct lenders that can provide short-term credit.

Credit cards

Many credit cards offer cash advance features that allow cardholders to withdraw cash against their credit limit. This can be a convenient option if you have a good credit history and access to an ATM.

However, cash advances typically come with higher interest rates and fees, so it's important to make sure you can repay the amount before taking one out, ensuring you take into consideration the impact of the interest rates charge which will continue to build up if you do not pay the credit card off in full.

Personal loans

Personal loans from banks or credit unions can be another option for short-term borrowing. These loans usually have lower interest rates than payday loans, but they also tend to have longer repayment terms, so it's important to make sure you can afford the monthly payments before taking one out. 

Companies like Creditspring can provide you with short term financial cover with our two no-interest loans in 12 months (Rep APR 83.1%). Our subscription model means you know how much you are paying every month and there are no hidden fees to catch you out. Because of the credit checks needed, typically these loans can take a little longer to get a decision on or the funds reaching your account.

Payment apps

There are several apps that allow users to borrow money against their next paycheck at a lower cost than payday loans. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up for any service to make sure you understand the fees and repayment terms.

Payday loan alternatives can provide a way to get short-term credit at a lower cost than traditional payday loans, but compare the costs and terms of each option before deciding which one is right for you.

The best of both worlds 

Creditspring is a great alternative if you are looking for a short term loan with a bad credit score.  We consider your credit score but it’s not the only thing we look at, as credit scores tend to be historical - who you were rather than who you are.

We take a simple approach to finance. If eligible, you pay a small monthly fee to be able to access two loans over 12 months. The monthly fee depends on the size of loan you can take out.  No fuss, no complicated maths and more importantly no hidden fees.  You know exactly what you pay for from day one.

And with a fast decision process, it’s quick to know if you are eligible for a loan or not. So you get the decision making speed of a payday lender, but with more clarity and security in what you will be paying every month.

How to make the best decision for you 

Navigating the financial landscape in search of quick monetary relief can often lead individuals towards payday loans. Especially in the UK, these loans have gained popularity due to their ease of access and prompt disbursement. But as we’ve explored there are many options available, so how do you choose what is the best solution for you? Here's a guide to help you.

Understand Your Needs

Before diving into the vast sea of options, clearly identify your needs. Are you looking for same day payday loans to address an urgent financial crisis? Or is a slightly longer timeframe acceptable? Knowing your requirements will help you sieve through options more efficiently.

Look at Acceptance Rates

Some lenders boast they have a high acceptance rate. Companies offering high acceptance can be a good starting point, especially for those who have been denied loans elsewhere. However, always ensure the direct lender is reputable.

Consider Requirements 

Some lenders can offer loans with no credit check. For those with a less than stellar credit history, these can be a lifeline. However, it's essential to remember that while credit checks might be bypassed, other criteria will be assessed to determine loan eligibility.

Watch out for any provisions

Lenders can sometimes use the term "guaranteed". This can often be a fallacy as no lender can ever assure 100% approval (since all loans come with some criteria). Whilst such elements might increase the chance of approval, especially for individuals who might not be eligible for more traditional loan forms, some of these loans come with their own pitfalls. While readily available, they may carry steeper repayment rates or other hidden charges. Always ensure you thoroughly understand the terms before proceeding, as the lure of quick approval can sometimes overshadow the long-term financial implications.

Research and Reviews

Don't solely rely on the promises made by lenders. Take the time to read reviews and testimonials. Previous borrowers’ experiences can give you a clear picture of the lender's reliability and the quality of their service.

Always Check the Fine Print

Terms and conditions, especially regarding interest rates, repayment schedules, and any hidden fees, should be thoroughly understood. The best lenders are transparent about their terms and don't embed unpleasant surprises.

Seek Recommendations

Word of mouth still holds weight. If you know someone who has used a specific loan service, their recommendations or warnings can be invaluable.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Ensure that your chosen lender is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This regulatory body ensures that financial service providers adhere to stipulated guidelines, safeguarding consumer interests.

Assess the Repayment Terms

Beyond just obtaining the loan, you need to repay it. Opt for lenders who offer clear, reasonable, and flexible repayment terms. This reduces the risk of falling into a debt trap.


Payday loans can be a useful tool for those facing a financial bind, but they come with many risks. Understanding the pros and cons of quick payday loans is essential to make an informed decision when considering one. It’s important for consumers to ensure they take out a product that will support them in the long term (not just in the now), that is transparent and easy to understand.

In the end, whilst providing some light relief from financial strain, a solution such as Creditspring can provide many of the benefits of payday lenders with fewer pitfalls. Our straightforward language means you know what you will pay when. And because we are a subscription business (like Netflix, Spotify or your mobile phone), you don’t need an Economics degree to understand how your costs are calculated. It’s simple. There is the loan repayment and a membership fee. It is that simple. 

If you need additional support with your finances from savings, benefits to money worries visit Money Helper - a free service set up by the Government to help people make the most of their money.

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