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instagram accounts to follow
instagram accounts to follow

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The best finance accounts to follow on Instagram

Love it or hate it, chances are you have a social media account. But are you making the most of your screen time? Here are the best accounts for tips, tricks and information to improve your financial health.
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1. @Creditspring_HQ

people unaware bnpl late fees

Well, we had to do some shameless self-promotion! Follow us for the latest updates, tips, tricks and information that can help build your financial stability.

2. @MillennialMoneyUK

millenial money

If you're a millennial, this account demystifies personal finance just for you. Feeling nosy? Follow to see profiles of people across the UK and how they spend their money.

3. @StepChangeCharity

step change

An incredible charity that helps thousands of people with their money worries, Step Change's account is well worth a follow. You'll find advice and inspiring interviews with people who have overcome a spiral of debt.

4. @FempireFinance

fempire empire

Money and career talk is the name of the game with this account. Follow for helpful infographics and interesting facts that can help boost your personal finance.

5. @DebtCamel

debt camel

For all things debt-related, this account is a goldmine. You'll find simple explainers of complex issues, alongside budgeting and saving hacks.

6. @ThriftyLondoner

thrifty londoner

This London-based money blogger is a must-follow for anyone in the capital and outside of it too! Expect accessible, jargon-free finance chat, with a sprinkle of money positivity.

7. @MoneySavingExp

money saving expert

Founded by the money saving expert himself, Martin Lewis, this account reveals incredible ways to save money and protect your finances.

8. @SheDoesMoney

she does money

An online community dedicated to improving financial education for women. Expect tips, updates and reminders on how to manage your money.

9. @PenniesToPoundsPod

pennies to pounds

Improve your financial literacy with this straight-talking account. Follow for advice, challenges and answers to a huge range of money questions.

That's our top nine... what would be your tenth? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

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