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What is Little Loans and Are There Any Alternatives?

Considering taking out a small loan? You may have come across Little Loans when doing your research. We unpack the detail on this well-known credit broker.

What is Little Loans and are there any alternatives?


No extra fees, no interest


Transparent and fixed pricing

Representative example: Total amount of credit £600 repayable over 13 months. 12 monthly membership payments of £10. Rate of interest 0% p.a. (fixed). Representative 83.1% APR. The first repayment for each advance is £50.00, due 45 days after drawing, followed by 5 monthly repayments of £50.00. Total amount payable £720.

If you’re looking borrow a small amount of money from an online lender and have typed ‘little loans’ into your search bar, you’ve probably come across Little Loans, the UK-based credit broker.  

Specialising in small personal loans between £100 and £10,000, Little Loans works with a panel of UK direct lenders, credit brokers and credit monitoring services to find you a range of online borrowing options to suit your circumstances. They act as a ‘middleman’, if you like, matching the right borrower to the right lender using the information you provide on your application form.  

Think you're ready to apply for a small loan? One benefit of using a broker, like Little Loans, is that usually only a soft credit check (a mark left on your credit file) will be carried out when you apply. Only when your application is processed by the lender will they run a hard check. This can be an advantage, because the more hard checks that appear on your file (i.e. the more small loans you apply for) in a short space of time, the less likely you will be accepted for a loan. Why? Well, all those applications may make lenders think you are experiencing financial difficulty. Plus, you’ll do your credit score more harm than good in the process. 

Is Little Loans a free service?

As a credit broker service, Little Loans doesn’t charge you any fees. This can be particularly helpful when you need money fast - be it for an unexpected bill or a sudden emergency – because quick, small loans that don’t come with additional costs (and that you can pay back swiftly) mean you can keep your costs to a minimum.  

Instead, Little Loans earns commission from lenders or other brokers they introduce you to, if you successfully take out a loan with them. This makes them a sensible option when you want to compare small loans online. 

What other small loan options are there?

Whether you’ve been checking out Little Loans reviews, compared a few small loans or just started your search, we understand finding small loans instantly isn’t like waving a magic wand. It’s crucial to take as much time as you can researching the many loan options out there before you make a decision. To help you on your way, we’ve pulled together a few comparable lenders that offer small loans, like Little Loans.   

Fast Loan UK

Offering instant, short-term loans of up to £2000, Fast Loans UK provides credit products (loans) that are categorised as high-cost, short-term loans. This means they can be a pretty expensive way to borrow money, but with Fast Loans UK’s responsible lending policies designed to ‘minimise the chances of causing financial harm to anyone who borrows from us’ such as capping their default fees at £15, it could be worth bearing in mind. Just make sure you check every detail of any loan you are considering from any lender when you are making comparisons. 

Sunny Loans

Like Little Loans, Sunny is a UK credit broker that searches its bank of lenders and credit partners for borrowing options to suit your requirements. Fast, flexible, short-term loans of up to £2500 are Sunny’s speciality, promising an easy eligibility process and no fees. They make their money by earning commission from the lenders they introduce their customers to, if you take out a loan with them successfully. Again, as with all lenders, make sure you check and understand the terms and conditions when you borrow any form of credit. Likewise, always ensure you can afford the repayments before committing yourself to a loan.

What about Creditspring as a small loan lender?

Absolutely! We provide small loans of between £400 and £2400, even if you have bad credit. We work differently to most traditional and online lenders as we are a finance subscription service, which means all our loans come with no interest (APR Rep 83.1%). All you pay with your repayments is a low, monthly membership fee. 

Our loans are split into two equal and manageable parts – the first issued when you request it and the second available after you’ve paid off the first part in full.  

This innovative way of responsible lending ensures our members won’t risk feeling overwhelmed by a larger lump sum that may be more than actually required. Plus, if you are worried about having bad credit, making regular repayments can help you improve your credit score and develop healthier financial habits. 

Creditspring loans are available to UK residents aged 18 or over with a regular income and no recent CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcies**. Check your eligibility to see if you qualify – it’ll take under a minute. 

**This list is not extensive and Creditspring membership is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. 

Use our free eligibility checker to see if you'll be accepted