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Looking for a Zopa Loan?

With a Creditspring loan what you see is what you get.


No extra fees, no interest


Transparent and fixed pricing

Representative example: Total amount of credit £600 repayable over 13 months. 12 monthly membership payments of £10. Rate of interest 0% p.a. (fixed). Representative 83.1% APR. The first repayment for each advance is £50.00, due 45 days after drawing, followed by 5 monthly repayments of £50.00. Total amount payable £720.

Who is Zopa?

Zopa started in 2005 to create better solutions for everybody. They offer both personal loans and a car loan. Providing a fixed interest rate of 15.4%, their loan terms range from 1 year to 5 years. Your credit rating will not be affected with Zopa, however, you will see a hard search on your credit report if you apply for a loan with Zopa. They are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and exclusively operate online. To be eligible for a Zopa loan you will need to be at least 20 years old, a UK resident, have a gross income of at least £12,000 a year, employed or retired and a good credit history.

More reasons to choose Creditspring vs Zopa


Fixed fee
Credit builder

How much can you borrow with Zopa?

With a Zopa loan you will be able to pay for bigger purchases such as a car, a wedding, for debt consolidation etc. If eligible for a Zopa loan you can borrow between £1000 to £25,000 and loan terms are 1 to 5 years. There is a fixed rate of 15.4% with Zopa loans so you will pay the same amount each month depending on the term that you have selected. This means that borrowing a loan of £10,000 over 5 years will cost you £234.99 per month. There is no charges for making a repayment early so enjoy paying back your loan, or more than you owe, when you want to. If you are unable to make a repayment or at least a minimum repayment, a £12 missed payment fee will be charged to your account.

The representative APR example on this page for Zopa is 15.4% based on a loan of £1,000. This information is accurate as of 8th November 2022. The variable rates which Zopa charges can change depending on the amount you borrow.

How does a Creditspring loan work?

Focused on helping people build financial stability, Creditspring was founded in 2016 to provide financial reassurance without the risk of a debt spiral. Creditspring provides cash when you need it and peace of mind when you don’t with no-interest credit building loans (Rep APR 83.1%) and monthly health check-ups. Anyone can apply as there are options to suit everyone - whether you want help building your credit, a small loan or insurance against unexpected expenses. You’ll never be charged interest on our fixed-fee loans. Instead, we charge a small membership fee that allows you to access the loans - think of us as the Netflix of money. Our membership model allows us to provide you with a clear understanding of what you’re borrowing and how much you owe; you’ll never be charged more than you were expecting, and our fixed-fee lending eliminates the opportunity for spiralling into debt. Paying a small monthly fee has another incredible benefit - it builds your credit. Instead of resorting to credit cards, simply becoming a Creditspring member and paying the monthly fee has a positive impact on your financial health, as the payments are recorded on your credit file and can boost your credit score.

Why is Creditspring a better alternative than Zopa?

If you are looking for a small loan for unexpected expenses, then Creditspring is a great alternative to Zopa. All our memberships will help you build your credit score This means you will not be charged for anything that is not stated on your account when you sign in. At Creditspring we aim to work with our members in order to reach their financial goals. We charge a small membership fee each month- that is dependent on the membership you are eligible for. With a Step Membership you will pay £7 per month and have access to £200 for each advance (Rep APR 88.8%). With a Core Membership you will pay £10 per month and have access to £300 for the each advance (Rep APR 83.1%). With a Plus Membership you will pay £14 per month and have access to £500 for each advance (Rep APR 66.2%). With Extra Membership you will pay £24 per month and have access to £1200 for each advance (Rep APR 43.7%). Reporting both your monthly membership fee and repayments to credit rating agencies you can build your credit with any of our memberships.

Skip all the confusion that comes with calculating daily/monthly interest and late fees! At Creditspring everything is clearly stated for you and you will receive regular reminders, so you can stay in control of your financial health. Start your journey with Creditspring today and start building your credit for a brighter future.

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