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everyday hacks that can save you money
everyday hacks that can save you money

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Everyday hacks that can save you money

Read on to discover the clever advertising tricks designed to make you spend more...
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Do you know what you’re spending your money on? You might be forking out for unnecessary costs, without even realising.

Water filters

It’s an urban myth that tap water needs to be filtered. Think it tastes different? Research shows that people can’t tell the difference if it’s served the same way. Tap water is tested incredibly often and thoroughly, and contains many beneficial minerals that are stripped by filters. The same goes for bottled water - so stick to the free stuff out of the tap!

Branded medication

Next time you have an issue that can be treated with over-the-counter medication, think twice before reaching for the branded packet. These colourful packets are more expensive, yet contain the exact same ingredients as the cheapest packets on the shelf. Paracetamol, ibuprofen and many other standard medications are marketed by big brands, offering the same pill in different boxes all claiming to relieve different symptoms. Don’t be fooled - stick to the non-branded packs.

Chilled drinks

Juice, soft drinks, non-dairy milk, wine and beer can all be found in supermarkets’ chilled aisles. Each of these drinks can also be found in the ambient aisles, often for a much cheaper price. The convenience of the lower temperature and location, as the refrigerated aisles are often the closest to the entrance, means you pay a premium. Next time you go shopping, remember to save money by buying at room temperature and chilling the drinks at home.

Local supermarkets

How much are you willing to pay for convenience? Supermarkets charge more for items in their small local stores and less for the same items in their main shops. If you take the time to do a big shop at a superstore, you might just find that your weekly food shop drops in price.

Forking out on these expenses benefits the companies behind them, but they probably won’t make a difference to you. Keep an eye out for other money-making tricks, and let us know on social media what to look out for!

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